A different perspective on the Lockdown period

Covid-19, indeed a threatening pandemic. It has brought so many impediments into our lives. We're locked down into our own homes, confined to four wall boundary. I hear some people saying or rather complaining as they compare their lives to a bird inside a cage. The comparison is so philosophical and diplomatic but I wish those people had understood the same before this period and not caging any birds for their purpose of admiration. I hope, that this period brings them a sense of compassion that how it feels to be caged within walls. I also hear some people complaining that they're suffocated and exhausted. I mean, seriously? Have you all ever thought of those people and especially the children at work in factories who work for long continuous hours in glass/plastic/mining industries confined to hot burning boundary? We never had thought that way rather enjoyed the furnished manufactured products they give us. I think, karl Marx's superstructure philosophy is perhaps missing in the mindset of people in the modern era. 

Humans are never content by nature. They are always complaining and has something or the other to say or back bite about any situation or circumstance. Medical science days, mind is the most strong and powerful device that controls the human psychological state. I belive, its true to the extremity and I define it this way, 'our thoughts and perspectives are like a focal lens of a camera, if we adjust it or if we want it to be adjusted always on the greener side then it's always disheartening and disappointing. But if we focus it on to the side where we think we can water the land to spread greenary, that's wise'. 

Everyone is fed up with the long boring period of Lockdown. But very few might have noticed that this period has also brought us many good things. Things those can't be bought with money and things those were stolen from us by time. We're all humans, we all know that time is mightier and so we all hold his hands and keep walking, leaving behind our childhood, emotions, wishes and secret desires.. 

This shutdown period has brought back the opportunity to live our life again. To relive the past and to cherish the memories again. I consider it as a golden opportunity that we all got time to do and experience things that we never could do with simultaneous monotonous daily routine. 

Our daily routine is so very monotonous that it has made each of us an advanced living human robot. We wake up when the alarm clock beckons us, we do everything as per the moving hands of the clock. Under such a state, how many of us can claim honestly that he/she could spend quality time with family or friends?? Our daily routine has made us departed from our beloved. Although we're physically together but psychologically we're actually not. That's sad! But this period gave us all an opportunity to grow closer to our loved ones, build the bond and get deep attached to them. Don't we think, we should grab this opportunity?? 

Everyone of us, deep inside have secret wishes or desires or hobby whether be a male or female. But our societal and economical condition forced us to cease all our inner wishes and push ourselves towards something productive to earn living. In this course we forgot our own selves. Having a hobby isn't bad but yes we never could get the time to nurture it. So here's the time when we can nurture our hobbies and desires. So won't we grab this chance? 

Waking up early and then going to work, coming back and dying to go to bed. We just take our dinner as a formality or for medical reason so that we could be healthy for the next day. So very boring!!  Have we ever seen the morning sky filled with rays of hope, clouds floating in the sky as if giving us a message from almighty. Did we ever in the past years manage the time to calmly admire the night sky? The beautiful moon changing its positions and the stars accompanying it wherever it goes. We must learn from nature. We must admire the nature to understand the emotions of love, serenity , understanding and loyalty. 


Let's just not waste the remaining few days. Let's enjoy and cherish those memories from the past and create some new memories for coming days. Everything is transient so does the time. Let's live it fully before it runs out. 


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Karan - Aug 8, 2020, 6:19 PM - Add Reply


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