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Is The Tower of London really haunted? Well yes, there are many stories of the haunting of the Tower of London. Some of them are killing of the two princes. Terrified of the two princes clinging to the throne, King Richard secretly ordered their killings and one night while the two brothers were sleeping they were strangled in their beds. Their bodies were hastily buried, first in the basement of the Wheatfield Tower and then at the foot of the staircase. There are many more stories by the people who witnessed those moments. As the second wife of King Henry, Anne Boleyn was executed in order for the king to marry Jane Seymour.One of the most incredible anecdotes is one of the talking heads appearing from nowhere rambling on endlessly. There is a famous story of killing of Ravens. It all started when King Charles ordered the Ravens to be removed from the tower because their screeching drove him up the wall. It was the king's astrologer who predicted that if the Ravens were chased away the tower would fall and along with that the English monarchy.
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Romantic horror. The first day of a Vampire in her own words. Disclaimer: Not for faint hearts.
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It is a type story in which you will get to know something interesting and something knowledgeable. It is a...
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This is a story about love , family and growing up
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Social Medias which I like, and why you don't need to spend hours on them.
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Explanation of life and sprituality from my point of view
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एक जंगल में एक शेर था वह उस जंगल के जानवरो को रोज अपना शिकार बनाता था फिर एक बार...
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This is just fictional story.
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1,866 Hits - Sep 14, 2020, 10:59 PM - Tanveer Ansari
जंगल में चींटियों ने लिया अपना बदला हाथी से।
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हम यदि पाषाण काल की बात करे तो इतिहास में हिन्दू ,मुस्लिम और ना ही कोई और धर्म किसी के...
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