Fairy tail pool party fan made part 1/4

One day at the the fairy tail guild hall, mirajane invited everyone for an announcement.

Mirajane: guys we all need a brake from all the hard work weve been doing, thats why i organised a pool party and everyone is invited from fairy tail. Its on tommorow please arrive on time, it start at 10.

Everyone started cheering and jumping with excitement.

Luxys: Huh im not gonna bother even coming to that stupid party. 

Natsu: did you hear that happy.

Happy: i sir. 

Natsu: were gonna have alot of fun tommorow hahaha.

Natsu and happy started laughing in a an evil way. 

Lucy: ohh, what are you guys planning to do this time, i hope its nothing to do with burning my butt like last time. 

Happy: its not my fault you have a big one. 

Lucy stares at happy with a psycho grin on her face. 

Natsu and happy quickly dash out of the guild.

Natsu: see you tommorow lucy. 

Lucy: grrr there soo ennoying

At the corner of the guild juvia started mumbling to herself. 

Juvia: oh this is my chance, im gonna wear my new bikini tommorow, when gray sees me his going to not even dream about that blonde bimbo anymore hehehe. 

Juvia rushes to gray. 

Juvia: gray my darling are you coming tommorow. 

Gray: nah im probs gonna go and train or something. 

Juvia mumbles to her. 

Juvia: Oh know my plan is going to fail, his gonna keep dreaming about her and probably going to get married in a few months and gonna have kids jubbbeee. 

Gray: uh did you say something. 

Juvia: no, i mean mirajane is gonna be so upset if you dont come tommorow. 

Gray: your right, i remember the last time i made her upset the whole guild went at me for a month. Hmm fine ill come. 

Juvia: thats great "she screams out loud with a joyfull voice". 

Juvia quickly hugs gray and rushes back to fairy ville.

Mean while wendy and carla  sitting at the tables. 

Carla: you are not gonna wear a bikini tommorow child. 

Wndy: offcorse im not its to embarrasing. 

Carla: oh good

Wendy: the master

Mirajane pops out of know were

Mirajane: his having a meeting with the magic council, between me and you, its not going well. 

Wendy and carla: oh.

It was night in magnolia 

Back at lucys house she was surprised to not find natsu and happy barged into her house. 

Lucy: those two are really up to something, Huh im gonna have a warm bath to relax.






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