Forbidden love chapter 1 and 2

Meet serina

It was morning and Serina was fast asleep until she was woken up to her mom screaming at the top of lungs "breakfast is ready". "coming mom" said Serina. She went off to the bathroom. Serina is a beutiful 20 year old, with long black hair and ocean blue eyes. She lives with her parents, younger brother and sister. Serina graduated from Highschool and wants to really badly go to University, but she cant because her family is poor. Her dad Robert works as a taxi driver and doesnt earn alot of money, and her mom Jane works as a cook at a rich house that looks like a pallace. All Serina's family were at the table eating breakfast including her younger siblings Ally and Max. Suddenly the doore bell rang "ill get it"said Ally. With a deep voice Jane said to Max "i hope its not the School complaining about you again" ." you always blame stuff on me mom" said Max. After Ally came back with an envelope and said "Serina its for you". Serina got worried she didnt want her dad to know. As soon as serina grabbed the envelope from Ally, out of know where her dad snatched the envelope and said "ill take that". Everyone gasped especially Serina when they saw Robert opening the envelope. "its a job interview, why do i not know about this" said Robert, staring at Serina like a predator seeing prey. "Dad i need the job because i wanna get paid and go to University, we dont have enough money" said Serina bravely. "Sorry Serina but you cant" said Robert. Serina quickly replide, "why not, im not a little girl anymore". Robert's voice suddenly grew larger than before "i said you cant, go to your room now". Serina cried and dashed straight into her room and shut the doore really hard. Jane told the Kids to go after there sister and shut the doore behind them. As soon as the kids shut the doore Jane grumbled "why did you do that, my daughter wants to work and pay for her University, you should be proud of her". Jane gave him a big unhappy look and then went to Serina's room. As soon as she entered the room she told Max and Ally to pack all there stuff and go to school or they will be late, so they left the room and closed the doore behind them. Serina was crying on her pillow, then her mom sat on the bed and put Serina's head on her lap. "oh dear, are you ok" said Jane with a sad tone in her voice. Serina repiled "mom why doesnt he let me". Serina's mom put her warm hands around her face and said whilst wiping her tears "Serina your dad loves you and your siblings". "i know mom, but im not a little girl anymore". Jane humorously said "you and siblings will always be little in our eyes". Serina and her mom hugged each other and started laughing whilst crying. Then after abit of love between the mom and daughter Jane stood up and said dont worry ill talk your dad about it to night, but for now try to stay in your room and get out of his way. Ring ring,janes phone starts ringing then she looks at it" oh no im gonna be late i need to go and make breakfast for miss sofia". Bye Serina ill see you when i get back. Miss Sofia is is a rich lady rhat owns a big house, and Serina's mother works there.  She makes breakfast, luch, dinner and sometimes dessert if guest come to visit miss Sofia.

Meet Elijah

Elijah was a handsome, 25 year old, with mud brown hair and blue eyes. He was a rich architect and owned a big company. His mother Laura was a famous fashion disigner and also owned a company. His dad left Elijah and mom when his was three and still doesnt know why or where he is, alive or dead. Elijah and miss Laura lived in a humongus house with maids, cooks and even a driver for miss Laura. In the office at 12:00 am, Elijah was working until he got a phone call from his mother. He answerd the phone "whats wrong mom " he said feeling worried. Miss Laura started yelling at him and told him to come home immediatly. Elijah said he could not because he had to much work. Miss Laura got angrier "leave all your stupid work and come home, now". Elijah shut his phone and banged it on the table. Next he called in his secretary Elena but she didnt come, so he reapeted himself even louder. After Elena ruched in apologising, Elijah said "this is your third time, thats it no more warnings, your fired". Elena dashed out crying. Elijah called one of his workers and said "i need a new secretary, find me one". Elijah grabbed his suitcase, put on his jumper and left the building, jumping into his red lemberghini drove home. Five mi tes late Elijah got home. And asked hid moms driver Bill, " how is she" he asked. Bill responded " miss sofia is very angry, she saw the newsletter which had the picture of you and a new girl, coming out of the bar, holding hands. Elijah laughed" thats all i thought something big happend". He tapped bill on the shoulder and went inside to see his mother. Elijah walked into the living room and saw his mom, sitting on the couch, with her hands on her head, looking like she has a headache. When miss Laura saw him, she stood up and threw the newsletter on Elijah chest. She started screaming at him "when is this nonsince gonna end, your always on the newsletter with a different girl, your embarrasing me". "son why dont you live a real relationship instead of messing around with a new girl almost everyday" miss Laura said, looking in his eyes. Elijah replied to her "mom i havent fell in love with a girl yet, like how you and dad did". Miss Laura got really angry told Elijah not to even talk about that man. She called out for her maid Fiona. As soon as her maid walked in, she told her to get her bed ready because she is very tired. Miss Laura put her hands around Elijah's face and said softly "think about what i said son, ok". Miss laura went to her bedroom and closed the doore to rest and have a nap. Mean while Elijah waited until his mom was gone, then he called his best mate Nick and told him to meet up at the Bar, so they can have fun see cute girls. Elijah shut his phone and drove to the Bar. 


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