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Friendship doesn't mean of Playing and Sitting together but also helping them to Stand with the help of other. 

Once upon a time there were 4 friends friends namely Nikil,Supraj,Arshu and Anil. They use to sit together and use to enjoy together. They have enjoyed their childhood in such a way that every moment from their Childhood has became a memory for them. 

Supraj is a Naughty guy where as Nikil is a laughter guy. He use to laugh for a silly things and also his laugh made the rest of the people to smile. Anil is a Brighter student from the gang where Arshu is a Silent killer. All of their families are well setteled except Anil.

Anil came from a Middle class family where his father is a Daily worker and mother is a Home maker. His father makes lots of efforts to educate Anil. One day Anil's father has passed away due to massive Heart attack . His mother use to work in other houses to educate Anil. Anil always dreamt of becoming a Successful Business man and also to establish an organization to help the children who r unable to educate due to their Financial crisis's.

One day Anil got a seat in top most University to complete his Education and to achieve his degree. By hearing this news Anil and His mother were On Cloud Nine. Anil by holding all his happiness went near his friends and said the thing that he is going to fullfill all his dreams. They were also very happy by hearing this news. They all Congratulated Anil for the achivement of his Steeping stone towards success.

Suddenly, One day Nikil-one of his friends came to meet Anil. At that moment,Anil was so sad depressed and he is not in a state to talk with his mother too. Nikil called all his friends and started talking with Anil. All of them started asking the reason behind Anil's depression. Anil replied that he is going to loose his seat in the top most University which he got. All of his friends shocked by hearing the news said by Anil. 

At that moment his mother enters in to the room . Anil's friends asks the reason for losing the seat in University. Then his mother replies that she cant be able to bear the cost to Educate Anil in University.

Anil says that he also talked with his Neighbors seeking their help . Not only Neighbors but also Father-in-law of Anil is not ready to help us ; replies Anil's Mother

All of the three friends scolds Anil for not saying the situation from the past days. As three of the friends Familie's are well setteled they are in a situation to help Anil.They helped Anil in joining the University. By knowing this Anil and his mother felt happy for this.

Not only Anil's friends but also Anil worked hard to complete his Education. He started a Tutorial center and started saying Tutions to the younger one's.

Finally, with all the struggles Anil has achieved his dreams. He finally became a Successful Business Magnet. He started his own company and also he established an organization to help the people particularly the students who are unable to complete their Education. 

Not only Anil but also his friends started working for a cause to help the people in need. 


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Supraja Samudrala - Aug 11, 2020, 9:17 PM - Add Reply

Those three friends families are great that they accepted to educate some other guy along with their children 😊👏

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