Health system in Croatia

Health system in Croatia is crowded with too many doctors which main experience is only how many years they spended in political party. Dose kind of "medical experts",  really do not care about patients, nor anything to make system better and open to all citizens. Their main mission is to bring so many family members and relatives to fullfill every work places that are presented in job ad. This results in many unnecessary expenses that make health system unrealable and not efficient. Dose kind of system make patients so much angry and frustrated especially because there are always long lists of waiting for some special and important examinations they need to do.We should all ask ourselves was it worth to vote yes on that referendum for entering Croatia in Europe Union , since this same Europe Union ho wanted that Croatia be part of it, really dont care a bit about stuff happening in Croatia, and they believe to dose very well trained and skilled politicians ho tell them stories, how everyone is happy and satisfied and that every problem is solved or it gonna be solved. I think its time that dose Europe Union leaders should start asking all citizens directly how they like things in their country cause only then all problems should be solved including problems in health system because professional and quality health system is the main base of every country. Every country that can not give their citizens quality health system, and show them how they care about their health and life should be put under  severe monitoring and there should be EU health inspectors ho would be presented in this country untill last trail of corruption in health system is removed, and that health system can freely work without politics interfer in his every pore and making it bad and rotten. Health system needs to have its independence so it can work as its should and that is professionaly, scientific, with much heart, honesty, respect, passion and everything nice and pure so that every person that needs or is in need of medical attention, dont have to be frightened or fear, will he ever leave hospital normal and without problems or will he be victim of some nervous or unprofessional doctor, ho dose not want to do his job right, and forgot everything that he was tought in medical college, including hippocratic oath. Nobody should suffer because of bad decision that are signed in Ministry of Health by health minister. Decisions should be waged really good and all people including non medical stuff, should participate in making dose decisions to keep health system without any tip of corruption and also their should be made some adequate system in which people could contact really fast EU health inspectors which reaction should be swift and thorough to uncover every problematic act or person which brakes system from being on the level it should be. Inspecting system should also be on high level, and  without any politics in.

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Hasan Raza - Sep 26, 2020, 12:46 AM - Add Reply


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