Just leave

I looked up to you when times were bad

I looked up to you when I was sad


I always laughed when you were by my side

Until you went behind my back and lied


I felt so betrayed and so alone

And began to realized true colors that you had shown.


You hurt me so badly that nothing can compare 

You were the one with whom my secrets I thought I could share


You helped me in my bad times when people were so mean

And now that you're gone,I feel so deceived.


You lied to my face,one only could tell

You left me alone;now I feel like I'm in hell


I have no one with whom I can take advice

Your abandoned on me Is like being squeezed by a vice


I'm in pain;it's not easy to see,and since you've been gone

I have no one beside me


You're gone forever,Whether you know it or not

I'm being stuck in this world alone like this,I'd rather be shot.


Goodbye forever you ruined my ability to forgive,

And now like this for the rest of my life,I shall live.


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