Let the god rejoice

I was destined to be the warrior

I am the only survivor 

Ample of human minds....

Grind these thoughts

Pride and prejudice is the only luxury 

Rest of the beings are with no aura and desires 

Yes, such thoughts exist

Such minds proliferate less

In the wisdom of literature 

Have you seen self-centered and egotists on the throne for long tenures??

Let proudly people know,

Ashes were once solid

Ravana was once strongly holy

Be the supreme soul

Supreme bodies are just lust and Kali's dust

Atmaa in the epicentre,

Has to be purified

Humans have to nurture their thoughts

Nurturing lifestyles will follow eventually 

Let the GOD rejoice,

Seeing his human beings awakening 

Let the brain blossom with peace and forgiveness 

I was destined to be the warrior 

I am the only intelligent survivor 

Is the thinking of the fools

Let the GOD rejoice,

Seeing his human beings awakening spiritually. 






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