Oh my sushant...!

On 14-June - 2020 Sunday , When she woke up,she had a nightmare. "Someone in the family had died ",that was the dream.She woke up scared.when she looked at the clock ,it was only 5 'o' clock.The ancient used to say that a dream seen in the early morning would come true. Although this is just a superstition, by chance some dreams come true for her. Most of the nightmares come true. Especially death dreams like this. But it is not the dreamer who dies , but someone else she knows. So she couldn't sleep anymore , lying back and forth, she never fell asleep. It was a Sunday. One of her wishes was to go to to bed at least 9 'o' clock on normal Sundays .But because of the lock down, there is no such thing as an old day on Sunday everyday was Sunday. She got up at 6 'o' clock and went to the balcony and checked all the notification on mobile because couldn't sleep. Still the nightmare haunted her.As time went on she was slowly forgetting her nightmare. She was busy with her own things. In the afternoon, she was lying lazily one the sofa , turning on the TV and playing mobile as usual. It was monsoon and it was raining slowly outside. Suddenly she saw her friend Christo 's new what app status upload. It's thumbnail was sushanth . She looked at it lazily to see what it was. "Prominent actor Sushant Singh Rajput attempted to suicide " when she saw the news she started to cursing herself, thinking that this was how her nightmare had come true. She started to praying at the moment for the news must be a fake one, all prayers failed , he dead. There was a sea of great sorrow in her mind.

    A unique genius who stepped in to Bollywood among the common people. Not only her but every good movie lover cannot forget you sushant. Because what you put in front of the audience in such a short period of time is a natural performance that you will never forget. How many ordinary people have you helped in this short period of time? You helped financially when the flood  hit Kerala and Nagaland. Yes Sushant you were a good man and a good actor. You proved that a good man can be a good actor . Even after death you make the audience laugh ,cheers and cry through the movie Dil Bechara

You will never die in our hearts and memory you still live through the movies you acted in. RIP Sushant.

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Surbhi - Aug 10, 2020, 7:44 PM - Add Reply

The girl saw it as an intuition?

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