Oklahoma City Bombing

     April 19, 1995 a family packed up to leave the state for a few days so the father could go meet some officials about a job at the Murray Federal Building, so they left their home in Junction City, Kansas to go to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

     At some point during the trip they stopped at a gas station to fuel up, used the restroom and get a snack. Chrissy, the girl's Katie and Kaylas mom, asked them what they would like to eat. Kayla told her mother that she wanted some Cool Ranch Doritos. Katie told her mother that she wanted Funyuns and Beef Jerky. Both girls got Sprite to drink on the trip as well. Bill or William is his legal name, the girl's adopted father, paid for the groceries and they loaded back up in the car.

      I can't say what time it was, they had to be in Oklahoma City really early in the morning for Bills job interview. The rest of the trip is unclear. Katie was only 4 1/2 years old and Kayla was only 3 1/2 years old. 

   Once the family arrived at the Murray Federal Building, they parked and walked inside. Bill asked for directions to get where he needed to be. They then loaded up in the elevator and Bill pushed the 4th floor button. After they got onto the 4th floor, Bill checked in and they called the family to the back. 

       Katie and Kayla were running around while Bill and Chrissy were talking to the job recruiters all the while Chrissy is trying to get the girls to calm down and apologising to everyone around for the disturbance. Of course the workers didn't mind, they thought Katie and Kayla were absolutely beautiful little girls. 

      One of the workers told their mom that they were just fine and asked if they could give the girls a Chocolate Rice Cake and Chrissy was like Katie, Kayla y'all just ate, that's so rude. The worker told Chrissy that the girls didn't ask, she was just wondering if they could have something new to try. Chrissy said that it was fine and thanked her for her generosity.

      Shortly after the girls ate, Katie told her mother that she needed to use the restroom. Chrissy asked for directions to get to there. Chrissy asked Kayla if she needed to use the restroom too and she sais no so Chrissy  told Kayla to stay with Bill her adopted father. Their mother then took Katie to the restroom so she could do her business and walked out of the bathroom. 

      At 9:01am as Katie and Chrissy were returning from the restroom, an explosion occurred. Katie remembers waking up and seeing her mom covered in blood and not moving. She also sees one of the workers in a corner, shes stairing at Katie, she says help and then stopped moving. Katie screams at the top of her lungs to get her mother to wake up. Chrissy was unconscious, breathing, bloody, not moving.

       Katie contiues screaming and shaking her mother until she starts moving and opening her eyes. Katie being so scared and Chrissy finally realizing what just happened; in a panic Chrissy starts yelling for Bill and Kayla. After some time Bill was found almost on the 3rd floor. Chrissy helps Bill to his feet and we all start yelling for Kayla and yelling for help. 

      Sirens were blairing, there was smoke everywhere, glass, walls, half of the building, everything was destroyed. Never in a million years did this family think that something like that could ever happen. After some time, a man came in and escorted us out. They were then hauled off to the hospital in abulances and Bill had to go through tons of surgeries to repair his Skull. He had staples in his head, face and neck. Chrissy had to get her ear sewn back on, she also had staples in her face to repair the damage.

        Katie had only a scratch on her cheek and a scar on her nose. She was very lucky that day to walk away with extremely minor injuries. Kayla was found later that day. She had died instantly from a metal filing cabinet crushing her skull. 

       My sister died that day. My life is forever changed. I deal with things people wouldn't even begin to imagine. I lost my best friend. My parents had a few more kids and divorced. 

   This story is about my family, our ruined lives. Men, women and children lost their lives that day. R.i.p to them all. 





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