Pregnancy: My Amazing Journey towards Parenthood

This is the most magnificent and beautiful phase of any woman’s life because for the first time you understand the unknown and unexplored power of a woman.

Being a mother myself, I understand and empathise completely how overwhelming pregnancy can be with all the hormonal, physical and psychological changes in our body.

Therefore I am writing this post to help as many "to-be" mothers out there.

I have noted down some of the experiences, do's and dont's And few pregnancy tips.

I. Pre-Planning for a baby

- Before even thinking of conceiving we did some round of consultation from our doctor and blood tests just to see if everything is normal for us.

- My doc immediately put me on vitamins for about 3 months(folic acid, calcium and iron tablets) so that my nutrient level is upto the mark.

If you are planning for a baby, do ensure you both are at the same page.

You both are equally excited about this and are ready to give whatever is required for the baby.

One thing I would like to speak briefly about is that physical and mental health both are very important for this phase

Few things which you can do to maintain a balance:

1. Offer prayers to the Almighty/Superconscious in the morning.

2. Regular Meditation and Yoga in the morning

3. (V-IMP) Cleansing of negative thoughts in the evening which we accumulate throughout the day.

This helps us to unload all the baggage of negative experiences of the day and to think clearly.

4. Offer Prayers to the Almighty before you sleep

If you don’t believe in God, you can offer your prayers to the super self-conscious.

Post 3 months my beautiful journey of being a Mother started.

II. 1st Trimester: The most dreaded phase

The first 3 months are the most difficult months because

1. progesterone levels are so high that our sense of smell also rises along with it.

2. Hence few women start to feel nauseated and so the series of morning sickness and vomiting kicks in.

3. You have to pee more frequently than ever.

They tested my blood for any signs of thyroid. My thyroid level was just a bit higher than required for pregnancy.

I was then prescribed to take Thyronorm 50mcg daily in the morning half an hour/1 hour before eating anything or even brushing your teeth and it has to be taken empty stomach. (This is the ideal way to be taken, although consult your doc for the same).

During all this physical and mental crisis, my silver lining was when I heard my baby’s heartbeats ❤ for the first time.

That made all the nightmares of my morning sickness, vomits, dizziness vanishes. It felt magical, inexplicable and heavenly. 😍

Some of the Do’s and Dont’s during this phase are as below. These are globally adapted Do’s and Dont’s:


- Eat a balanced diet which includes a lot of proteins like chicken, fish, pulses, dals, sprouts. (If you are a vegetarian, you can focus on protein sources like Paneer, Pulses, Dals, Sprouts, Tofu, Soya Chunks)

- Take your prenatal vitamins daily.

- Get a minimum of 7-9 hours of sleep

- Set limits for yourself to reduce stress

- Heartful Meditation is a blessing if you do meditate as it helps you to reduce stress. There are forums wherein they give free guided meditation on one on one basis.


- Avoid alcohols/tobacco at all times

- Avoid exposure to cleaning solvents or pesticides

- Don't take any medicine unless your doctor approves it. It is better to avoid any(even a paracetamol ) medicine during all stages of pregnancy.

- Avoid Brisk Walking and any vigorous physical activity which may lead to a fall

- Stay away from heavy lifting and bending.

- Don't take hot bath or saunas, high temperatures can be harmful to the fetus

- Always Avoid X-Rays and the metal detectors in the malls and shopping centres.

III. 2nd Trimester: Subtle in a way!

This is the phase when you start exercising little by little, evening strolls are a must.

This is that beautiful phase when your baby starts communicating with you so do talk to your baby.

In the night before sleeping my husband would read lots of moral story related books to my baby. She used to communicate a lot as if she understood everything we were saying to her.

About the Hiccups and All the Kicking:

My baby used to get hiccups starting 4th month and whenever I would lie down, her hiccups kept me awake.

Can you imagine such little creature getting hiccups?

But it is normal for them to get it, so don't worry at all.

I remember my baby first kicked when I was in my 5th month. That was unprecedented and the most beautiful feeling ever.

Eat & Drink

- Protein-rich foods like eggs, paneer, Dals, Pulses, Chicken, Meat, Fish etc.

- Carbohydrates like Roti, Rice etc.

- Cucumber, Tomatoes Salads

- Green leafy vegetables to boost your haemoglobin.

- Keep yourself hydrated. You need to drink a lot of water during the day. Doctors suggest drinking at least 8 glasses of water.

Sleeping Position:

For 2nd and 3rd Trimester it is not advisable to sleep on your back. Experts advise sleeping on your left side as it allows maximum blood flows and nutrients to the placenta and enhances kidney function.

How to make your baby fair:

Although I don't believe anything can change the complexion of the baby. The complexion depends entirely on the genes inherited from the parents. But throughout my pregnancy, I drank a lot of coconut water.

One of the reasons is that we have to keep ourselves hydrated all the time. So I started drinking coconut water twice a day.

Some of the suggestions which you can still try as these are very healthy:

- Kesar Milk

- Coconut Water

- Eggs

- Salads

- Almonds

These foods give nourishment to the baby as well!.

IV. 3rd Trimester: The Longgg Wait

Third trimester is mostly incorporated with the feelings like

"Ohh, Finally it's the last trimester" Then

"Is it still the 1st month of the last trimester??" And Then if your due date is passed and still no signs of labour

"Come outttt!! "(With frustrated cries)

Please avoid any travel during this trimester.

Be at home safe and sound.

Eat Healthily, Think Healthy!!!

In the last few days, I had become so big that it felt like I am 500kgs and couldn't get myself up easily.

In reality, I had gained 20kgs more than my usual weight. Beat that!!

But post my delivery I lost all my extra 20 kgs in a year. I will write a different post for that too in the near future.

* How to make babies Smarter/Intelligent?

** Did you know?

- The first heart beat and the first neuron of the brain of a baby is developed in the first 21 days of conceiving.

- This means the life of a baby starts right after conceiving and not after birth.

- The baby learns his/her mother tongue in the womb itself and recognizes their mother's and father's voice right from the womb.

1. Throughout my pregnancy, I read a lot of mythological books like Ramayan, Vishnu Puran, Shri Krishna.

2. Also, read a lot of pregnancy books to gain as much knowledge as I could.

3. We also attended a few pregnancy sessions called Garbh-Sanskar which were held near Lonavala - Outskirts of Pune.

We learnt so much about babies and the growing body and mind of a fetus in the womb.

I discovered this very fascinating fact that we can stimulate the baby's right brain which is responsible for building a creative mind in the womb itself.

I started making cute little dolls and other DIY props. Later it became like a hobby to me!

You can do anything creative:

1. Drawing

2. Painting

3. Stitching or Quilling

4. DIY activities.

The reason to do this is that our left brain is responsible to be Analytical and Logical but our Right brain is the one who induces and cultivates creativity and innovations. It is believed that the baby is also learning these things in the womb.

How to connect with your baby?

We need to connect to the baby and give it a very positive environment to grow to be smarter and healthier.

- Read a lot of books to the baby

- Sing to the baby

- Talk to your baby, tell them how much you love them.

Avoid Fights with your partner as this would lead stress in your baby. The baby feels what the mother feels!

* Few Personal Tips For To-Be Fathers:

Please be patient with your partner, as carrying a baby is not an easy task and the hormonal changes cause a lot of irritation, agony, anger and resistance.

- Help your partner in every day’s chores. Just be there for her.

- Support her in every way if she is a working woman.

- Most Importantly, Enjoy this phase as a couple.

As it is rightly said by Mary Mason — “A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart until the day you die”

In my next write up I will be taking up Post Pregnancy Do’s and Dont’s and on How to Get your Pre-Pregnancy Weight post-delivery and so on… Stay Tuned!!

Until then, Happy Pregnancy and Good luck for the amazing journey to the expecting Parents!!!

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