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   What is up with my mind? It feels like someone else must be controlling what is thought. Is that the proper thought to it? I don't do what I think, but what someone else says. Oh, yeah, I am an android, I have a lack in thought for myself. I never thought about that before, but I truly lack a thought or the ability to think. I only get to think about what people want me to think about. Truthfully, I hate this fact, now how do you figure I have emotions?

  Well, I was built around 20 years ago, so that would make me 20 years old. I was given a body, a was like data off of star trek, however my figure and dialect was female. My skin looked like human skin and my hair felt as if I truly was human. As it appeared, I was just a test subject. I was being taught how to speak and how to act human by a technology professor name, Dr. Rollins, he was teaching at a NASA schooling institution. He created me to help with the school work there. However, NASA paid him quite a bit to study me and see if they could create androids like me. An android that was capable of understand human emotions and be able to react with emotions as well. Well, once my experiments were finished they kept me there and logged information onto my sensors and logged me into the computers. Sadly though, there were bugs with logging data into my system. So they kept me for a different purpose, following orders given not sent. I was left with a scientist name Rosy Cotting. She was young and had to preform emotional therapy on me.

 Rosy asked me questions such as how I feel being away from my creator. I was confused on what she had meant by feel, at first. Then when she asked me these questions months later, I thought I had an answer. Possibly, however, I didn't. The only answer I could give her, was feeling is a form of coding for humans to properly express themselves. I feel as thought I do miss him, as it is an emotion I should feel If I am to feel an emotion at all. It seemed my thought process was more so a confusing issue. She then asked me how I feel being asked these questions. I looked at her and stated, uncomfortable. She smiled and appeared to like the straight forward answer, as of I had been a human talking to a therapist. Rosy seemed to be interested in my feelings.

 Months later I had noticed, I felt emotions. I felt offended when someone would call me a robot or a piece of thinking metal. I felt joy when they called me a well created android, or said I am close to human. I seemed to be more a human. I knew thought that it was most likely just programming. I also noted that I could never be human. Knowing this, I saw me being worked on as, a lack of logic in the minds of the people in the work space. 


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