Rest in peace

It comes and lands off like a flight 

Takes it's first freight 

And flies off like a migrant bird

He forgets his past because of the current trend 

Lives like a hero

Acts like a saviour 

But actually a villain 

Forgets everything 

His family,friends ,love ,job 

Flies from one arena to another 

In caps,Like a ,TIDE

Very vigorous in terms of scarcity like pleasure 

Endeavours anything for pleasure

Yes his true pleasure 

Atlast eyes closed

Carried to his bedroom

Only 6 feet's maximum in length 

Even man fights for this at times 

Without manliness

His deeds are unwritten on the tomb 

But written in the eyes and strives for pardon in the heart of people

To rest in peace 


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VIVEK A - Aug 1, 2020, 11:46 PM - Add Reply


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