Some friendships never die

There were two friends, ankita and surbhi. They were best friends. They were together since childhood. Now they were grown up beautiful college going girls. 

Ankita and surbhi were so close to eachother that they did everything together. They were in same school,tution and college. They were simple middle class household living girls. Surbhi was very active and joyful. Ankita was a silent but a very intelligent charming girl. 

Soon, they completed their college and got their placements in hood companies. They both were happy fir eachother and celebrated that day like anything. Girls day out! 

Since childhood they loved eating a snacks called as bhujia together. They were still eating and enjoying their lives. But life would take such a big turn was never thought. 

Both did yoga classes and surbhi waited for ankita for long but she skipped the class and whole day her phone was unreachable. This made surbhi feel something different. She went to ankita's house. And as soon as her mother opened the door-surbhi greeted her and asked about ankita. 

Ankita's mother couldn't answer. She was in complete shock!!! She just started crying. Anxious surbhi asked -"aunty, all well? Like is anikta well? " Her mother replied you only go ask to your friend. 

This made surbhi feel little more anxious and tensed. She was just feeling something bad is going to happen. 

Unfortunately, surbhi's fear turned out to be true. 

Well, first she asked Ankita about her. She replied with broad smile what is going to happen to me. I am always there for you. Right beside her bed there was a study table on which reports were kept. 

Seeing bunch of reports surbhi worried and asked what is this. Ankita replied nothing much just this doctors wanted a scan so we did it. Surbhi opened the reports and went through it, reading it. And the conclusion of reporting broke her down. 

Ankita was diagnosed with stage 4 active brain cancer. 

Surbhi, said in a very shaky voice -"what is this? " Like what is it? Ankita said very emotionally i have stage 4 brain tumor. Which is active.

Surbhi was like is it serious.. So she replied that dumb i have got a gtowth in my brain so isn't this serious. Surbhi controlled herself. Just motivated and geloed ankita. 

That night was a just a night full of tears for both the friends. By days passing by...... 

Ankita went for her regular check up, appointment, counseling and chemotherapy. 

One day suddenly surbhi entered ankita's room and saw hairs fallen all over the room and ankita was bald. Thos made her cry but she was very bold and motivated and helped ankita fight out. 

After every chemotherapy surbhi made sure that ankita was well and fine. She gifted her many little little things that made her mood better. Surbhi thought of helping ankita more. She did google for yoga and diet. Surbhi every morning went over her place and taught her some gentle yoga nad moments which would make her feel better. She helped ankita's mom to make changes in her diet pattern. They were enjoying together. 

After many many ling months passing by both girls decided to go for a neq movie. Surbhi was as super excited as always and was messaging ankita again and again. She went straight at her house. She ranged the door bell but neighbours told they are not at home. 

This made surbhi think of soo many bad thoughts. And again the thoughts were true. Ankita's mother and father came out of car crying. They were yelling and crying. 

Surbhi went in ankita's room and saw their photos and her clothes and was feeling very emotional. 

Days passed, months passed and years passes surbhi got married and she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and named her as Ankita. 





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Mahima - Sep 19, 2020, 2:57 AM - Add Reply


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Tushita Agrawal - Sep 20, 2020, 1:16 PM - Add Reply

Hey Mahima!

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KHUSHBU AGRAWAL - Sep 20, 2020, 1:15 PM - Add Reply

This story touched my heart ❤️ How beautifully you have penned this down. Amazing. Go ahead. I would love to read your golden words 🙂

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Tushita Agrawal - Sep 20, 2020, 1:17 PM - Add Reply

Hey Khushbu!
I am glad:-)

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Zakaria - Oct 11, 2020, 1:54 PM - Add Reply

story emotional

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Tushita Agrawal - Oct 16, 2020, 5:49 PM - Add Reply

Thanks Zakaria!

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