Victoria's victory

Once there lived a girl named "Victoria"she is a physically challenged since her childhood.Her Father was a private teacher and her mother was a homemaker, Victoria is funny, intelligent,talented and loves to speak to everyone in a friendly nature.She loves Dance and used to Dance very well in her school and all other celebrations at her home, Victoria faced many problems in her childhood,she was suffered from severe health issues,inspite of all these things she was always discouraged and cruelly defamated by her relatives because of her disability.Years passing she was studying her 10th standard then,One more thing about Victoria is she was very much beloved student to all her teachers that everyone used to think her shem may get A grade in her exams but the thing is that is was very poor in Physics.victoria's physics teacher always hated her as she doesn't know physics and she's concentrating on all other subjects except physics,Exams finished the day of results came,People of her locality and school and her parents are eagerly waiting for her results.The most shocking news to everyone who are surprisingly waiting...As said at first Victoria was failed in physics subject she was alone no one is speaking to her,Her father came to her and just said only one word "when a tiger steps back one step that it means not to give up but to jump 100 times ahead forward"this message changed her life...from that day she never felt discouraged she never care of anyone,she completely concentrated on her goals stuggled alot without wasting time ,tried alot to do many things to overcome her failure,Still she has faced problems in her college too...suffered alot with the subjects choosen by herself in +2.Days passed on,years passed away she has got a good result in her college and came out ,now this is a time to prepare or decide what to do next ???When she was studying 5th standard her mother once said her that she wanted to become a journalist!!! Victoria was thinking thinking thinking...then she decided to become a journalist to fullfill her mother's dream then she started knowing about the process.After her +2 she said her parents that she took a decision to become a journalist,Her family members refused including her mom too,she explained,cried,shouted on them finally they accepted to write the entrance on a condition that she should not take any coaching because they don't want to send her distance from home as she lives in a small village where there was no proper education,she took it as a great opportunity,Aada spent days and nights struggled alot even without having food sometimes,The day of exam came she was so tensed as she remembered all her family members relatives words towards her she also remembered the word her father said.Entrance exam was completed... She's eagerly waiting for the results this time no one cared about her result because of her failure earlier,Aada was so tensed the results was out she opened the website searching for the result it's buffering buffering buffering and finally she have seen her result tears in her eyes ,her legs was shaking,hands are shivering,her body full of sweat everyone of her family looking at her...God has done complete justice and given complete meaning for her struggle that she has got a seat in the top most University of Journalism.

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Koushik Shesham - Aug 10, 2020, 6:14 AM - Add Reply

Heart touching Ending..❤️

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Supraja Samudrala - Aug 10, 2020, 1:25 PM - Add Reply

Thank you ☺️❣️

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Krishna. K - Aug 12, 2020, 6:54 PM - Add Reply


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Supraja Samudrala - Aug 12, 2020, 11:01 PM - Add Reply


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